Coordonné presents Core, a collection to share a spiritual journey. An introspective voyage,
where people will meet each inner self through nature and the serenity of its colors and forms.
In times of an overwhelming excess of information, cities rhythm tends to be frantic and there
isn’t even room to observe the closest elements around us, we stop. We stop and set off on a
trip. We travel to open our hearts, to feel our own existence. To feel at peace.
We are getting back methods, techniques and styles whose fundamental basis has always been
relaxation and meditation. We would like to open our homes – that extremely intimate place of
self discovery – to quietness and harmony.

Core is a trip to our inner self. It’s a meeting with nature and the colours and shapes of its quietness.
Core is a state of mind and a style of life.
The smell of dew drops early in the morning, the sound of wings flapping against the wind, the
feeling of a thousand year old tree trunk.
We travel to the woods of Japan, the paint brushes of the impressionists, the divan where once sat
those who had contemplated their own existence and the star-filled nights of dreaming onlookers.

Core is seeking and finding. Core is dreaming. Check it out!